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LP Terry Bradshaw ‎– Until You

Deska je hodně ohraná. Obal má poničený levý horní roh viz foto.


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Číslo produktu: 15.5.19-3
typ: Album
rok: 1980
země: Canada
label: Benson
styl: Gospel, Country
stav desky: 70%
stav obalu: 70%
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A1 Until You  
A2 Learning To Learn  
A3 Dimestore Jesus  
A4 Your Love Is Morning To Me  
A5 May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You  
B1 I'm Living For Jesus (He Died For Me)  
B2 River Called Jordan  
B3 What A Difference (His Love Light Can Make)  
B4 This Ole House  
B5 He Was There All The Time