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LP Various ‎– Soul Stirrings - The Nu Inspirational

Deska je už trochu ohraná (Kompilace, UK, 1993, Funk, Soul, Gospel)


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Číslo produktu: MK6-3
label: 4th & Broadway
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A1 Qura Prelude : Revelations?  
A2 The Escofferys Something Within Me  
A3 Sign Of The Times Thank You  
A4 Divine All I Dream Of  
A5 Qura Interlude : Aquilacity  
A6 Paul Lee Something In My Heart  
A7 The Manchester Mass Choir Everybody Say Freedom  
B1 Qura Interlude : Eden  
B2 Dawn Thomas Let Me Have A Dream  
B3 The Wades You're The Best Thing  
B4 David Daniels & Barbara Thomas Only Promises  
B5 Qura Interlude : The Flood  
B6 Joni Lee Yes U Can  
B7 Jay Henry I Wanna Be There