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LP Wally Whyton ‎– 50 More All-Time Children's Favourites

UK, Nursery Rhymes, Folk


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  Some Nice People
A1 Jack & Jill  
A2 Old Mother Hubbard  
A3 Frere Jacques  
A4 Tom, Tom The Pipers Son  
A5 Yankee Doodle  
A6 Cape Cod Boys  
  Some Strange People
A7 Aiken Drum  
A8 Taffy Was A Welshman  
A9 There Was A Crooked Man  
A10 The Farmers In His Den  
A11 Solomon Grundy  
A12 Elsie Marley  
  Folk Songs
A13 Go Tell Aunt Rhody  
A14 The Big Ship Sails On The Alley-O  
A15 When I First Came To This Land  
A16 Did You Ever, Ever  
  Some Animal Songs
A17 The Pussycat Ate The Dumpling  
A18 Ding Dong Bell  
A19 There Was A Mouse  
A20 The Squirrel  
A21 A Fox Went Out  
  Join In The Chorus
A22 Gimme Crack Corn  
A23 Coming Round The Mountain  
A24 Skip To My Lou  
A25 Clementine  
  Some Dancing Songs
B1 In And Out The Window  
B2 Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron  
B3 Ten Green Bottles  
B4 Be-Bo-Babbity  
B5 The Mulberry Bush  
B6 Let's Pretend  
B7 A Rare Bog, A Rattlin' Bog  
  Some Jingles
B8 It's Raining, It's Pouring  
B9 Round And Round The Garden  
B10 Clap Hands, Clap Hands  
B11 There Was An Old Woman  
B12 This Little Pig  
B13 Rain, Rain, Go Away  
B14 Two Little Dicky Birds  
  More Folk Songs
B15 Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be  
B16 Suckin' Cider  
B17 Where Are You Going To  
B18 Johnny Cuckoo  
B19 Paper Of Pins  
  Some Seasonal Songs
B20 There's A Party Here Today  
B21 Hot Cross Buns  
B22 The North Wind  
B23 I Saw Three Ships  
B24 We Wish You A Merry Christmas  
B25 The Twelve Days Of Christmas