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6xLP Slim Whitman ‎– The Slim Whitman Story

V kartonovém boxu. Vložena brožura. Desky ve velmi dobrém stavu (Kompilace, UK, 1970, Country, Bluegrass, Folk)


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Číslo produktu: MK6-9
label: World Record
stav desky: 90%
stav obalu: 80%
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Film Favourites
A1 Rose Marie  
A2 Unchained Melody  
A3 Let The Rest Of The World Go By  
A4 Secret Love  
A5 The Lovliest Night Of The Year  
A6 Tammy  
A7 My Blue Heaven  
B1 Indian Love Call  
B2 Ramona  
B3 When I Grow Too Old To Dream  
B4 Serenade  
B5 Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby)  
B6 I Remember You  
B7 When You Were Sweet Sixteen  
  Country Classics
C1 I Love You Because  
C2 The Old Spinning Wheel  
C3 Virginia  
C4 Please Help Me I'm Falling  
C5 Walking In The Sunshine  
C6 The Letter Edged In Black  
C7 Kentucky Waltz  
D1 Red Wing  
D2 Do What You Do Do, Well  
D3 Bouquet Of Roses  
D4 Heaven Says Hello  
D5 From A Jack To A King  
D6 Tomorrow Never Comes  
D7 Candy Kisses  
  In The Saddle
E1 The Wayward Wind  
E2 The Angel Song (When The Angels Turn The Lights On In Heaven)  
E3 Cool Water  
E4 Tennessee Waltz  
E5 The Little Green Valley  
E6 The Cattle Call  
E7 Blue Canadian Rockies  
F1 Cowpoke  
F2 Moonlight On Colorado  
F3 Tumbling Tumbleweeds  
F4 Cowboy's Heaven  
F5 Sioux City Sue  
F6 Rainbow On The Colorado  
F7 Over The Hill  
  Country 'n' British
G1 Just Lovin' You  
G2 Stranger On The Shore  
G3 Promises  
G4 I Pretend  
G5 Little Drops Of Silver  
G6 These Are My Mountains  
G7 Danny Boy  
H1 I'll Never Find Another You  
H2 Harbour Lights  
H3 Galway Bay  
H4 Little Arrows  
H5 Peggy O'Neil  
H6 South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)  
H7 Poor Little Angeline  
  Country Mixture
I1 Just A Few Kisses  
I2 Snowbird  
I3 My Special Angel  
I4 Jerry  
I5 The Twelth Of Never  
I6 Roses Are Red (My Love)  
I7 China Doll  
J1 Got The All-Overs For You  
J2 Near You  
J3 If I Lost You  
J4 Love Song Of The Waterfall  
J5 My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own  
J6 I'll Step Down  
J7 I'll See You When  
  Country Meets Folk
K1 Stop And Think It Over  
K2 La Golondrina  
K3 Down In The Valley  
K4 Dora My Darling  
K5 I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen  
K6 Annie Laurie  
K7 Hasta Luego  
L1 I'm A Fool  
L2 Broken Wings  
L3 When I'm Gone, You'll Soon Forget  
L4 Yearning (Just For You)  
L5 Ramblin' Rose  
L6 A Little Bitty Tear  
L7 At The End Of The Day