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LP Big Bill Broonzy ‎– Big Bill's Blues

KOMPILACE (Netherlands, 1985, Country Blues, Chicago Blues)


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Číslo produktu: KOS-92
label: CBS
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A1 Big Bill Blues 3:00
A2 You Do Me Any Old Way 2:51
A3 Trucking Little Woman 2:36
A4 Bull Cow Blues 2:51
A5 Southern Flood Blues 3:13
A6 New Shake 'Em On Down 2:52
A7 Night Time Is The Right Time 2:47
A8 Trouble And Lying Woman 2:35
B1 Baby I Done Got Wise 2:30
B2 Just A Dream 2:47
B3 Oh Yes 2:33
B4 Medicine Man Blues 2:55
B5 Looking Up At Down 2:57
B6 When I Been Drinking 2:50
B7 All By Myself 2:26
B8 Night Watchman Blues 2:48