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BOX 5xLP Mahalia Jackson ‎– In Memoriam



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  Mahalia Jackson Sings America's Favourite Hymns
A1 Search Me Lord  
A2 Lord, Don't Let Me Fail  
A3 The Old Rugged Cross  
A4 The Upper Room  
A5 Just A Closer Walk With Thee  
B1 Without God I Could Do Nothing  
B2 Take My Hand Precious Lord  
B3 It Don't Cost Very Much  
B4 Were You There?  
B5 Calvary  
C1 Didn't It Rain  
C2 Go Tell It On The Mountain  
C3 Walk Over God's Heaven  
C4 The Love Of God  
C5 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands  
D1 Rock Of Ages  
D2 Jesus Met Woman At The Well  
D3 There Is A Balm In Gilead  
D4 Trouble Of The World  
D5 Elijah Rock  
  Mahalia Jackson In Concert Easter Sunday, 1967
E1 In My Home Over There  
E2 He Will Remember Me  
E3 He Was Alone  
E4 Out Of The Dephts  
E5 Thy Will Be Done  
F1 Were You There?  
F2 Holding My Savior's Hand  
F3 Calvary  
F4 There Is A Balm In Gilead  
F5 Come On Children, Let's Sing  
F6 An Evening Prayer  
  Mahalia Jackson Sings The Gospel Right Out Of The Church
G1 What Manner Of Man Is This  
G2 I Want My Crown  
G3 Search My Lord  
G4 I Have A Friend Above All Others  
G5 Though You'Re Reeling And Rocking  
H1 Come On Up To Bright Glory  
H2 My Faith Looks Up To Thee  
H3 If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again  
H4 A Brighter Day Ahead  
H5 Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah  
  What The World Needs Now
I1 Abraham, Martin And John  
I2 Put A Little Love In Your Heart  
I3 What The World Needs Now Is Love  
I4 Let There Be Peace  
I5 I Thank God For Everything  
I6 Joy In The Morning  
J1 Who Made The Great Plan  
J2 Day Is Done  
J3 Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around  
J4 Everywhere I Go  
J5 Only What You Do For Christ