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LP Rodgers & Hammerstein ‎– Oklahoma!

Album, Mono, 1956, Soundtrack, Musical


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label: Capitol records
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A1 Orchestra Overture  
A2 G. MacRae Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'  
A3 G. MacRae - S. Jones - C. Greenwood The Surrey With The Fringe On Top  
A4 G. Nelson - C. Greenwood* Kansas City  
A5 G. Grahame I Cain't Say No  
A6 S. Jones & Girls' Chorus Many A New Day  
B1 G. MacRae - S. Jones People Will Say We're In Love  
B2 G. MacRae - R. Steiger Poor Jud Is Dead  
B3 S. Jones - Girls' Chorus Out Of My Dreams  
B4 G. MacRae - C. Greenwood* - G. Nelson -J. C. Flippen - J. Whitmore - G. Grahame The Farmer And The Cowman  
B5 G. Grahame - G. Nelson All Er Nothin'  
B6 G. MacRae - C. Greenwood* - J. Whitmore - S. Jones - J. C. Flippen Oklahoma