Úvod »Downtempo, Chillout» 2x12" Sgt. Rock ‎– Live The Dream


2x12" Sgt. Rock ‎– Live The Dream

Album, UK, 2000, Breaks, Downtempo


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label: Wiiija Records ‎
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A1 Supadickie 3:57
A2 The Most Fantastic Thing You Ever Heard 5:35
A3 Yeah Word Party 4:20
B1 Dada Struttin' 6:11
B2 Rock The Biscuit 4:25
B3 Rhyme On My Love Interlude 3:18
C1 International Counting 4:34
C2 Emma 18 3:58
C3 We're In Heaven 7:04
D1 So Many Reggie Perrins In The Arse End Of Space 5:17
D2 Fudge For Your Ears 6:43
D3 Depper 'n' Deffer 5:09