Úvod »Downtempo, Chillout» LP Various ‎– The Red Egyptians


LP Various ‎– The Red Egyptians

Kompilace, UK, 2002, Leftfield, Downtempo, Jazzdance


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Číslo produktu: DOB2-8
label: Red Egyptians
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1 The Red Egyptians The Red Egyptians  
2 Jean Carramouche Summer's Queen  
3 Seeds Night & Day  
4 The Secret Waltz Band Nothing To Do  
5 Aquinas Tunebelly This Piece Of Heaven  
6 Angelo Hectic & The Red Egyptian Choir For All The Girls I've Loved  
7 Lenny Costanza Can't Get You Out Of My Bed  
8 Earl Zinger Girlz On Coke  
9 Earl Zinger Mr DC  
10 The Children Of Red Egypt The Day Is Dead  
11 Iyota & Carramouche I Shall Be Released