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LP Prism ‎– Small Change

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Skladem: 0 ks
Číslo produktu: 9.1.20-2
typ: Album
rok: 1981
země: Germany
label: Capitol records
styl: Classic Rock, Pop Rock
stav desky: 95%
stav obalu: 95%
199 Kč (8 €)



A1 Don't Let Him Know 3:09
A2 Turn On Your Radar 3:14
A3 Hole In Paradise 3:25
A4 Rain 4:05
A5 When Will I See You Again 3:35
B1 Heart And Soul 3:35
B2 Stay 3:31
B3 When Love Goes Wrong (You're Not Alone) 3:30
B4 In The Jailhouse Now 3:03
B5 Wings Of Your Love 3:41