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LP Trooper ‎– Money Talks

Deska i obal jsou ve velmi dobrém stavu.


Skladem: 0 ks
Číslo produktu: BEN-2
typ: Album
rok: 1982
země: Canada
label: Flicker
styl: Arena Rock
stav desky: 90%
stav obalu: 95%
279 Kč (11 €)




A1 Money Talks 4:00
A2 Only A Fool 3:28
A3 This Must Be The Place 4:35
A4 Lookin' For Trouble 4:21
A5 Ready For The Nite 3:37
B1 Everything You Want 4:42
B2 Could've Been Me 3:18
B3 Any Minute Now 3:53
B4 It Comes And It Goes 4:25
B5 Dig A Little Deeper 3:49