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LP Dean Reed ‎– Rock'n'Roll Country Romantic…

ALBUM (CZ, 1982, Country Rock, Soft Rock, Ballad, Rock & Roll)


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Číslo produktu: KLE-2
label: Supraphon
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A1 Kansas City 2:30
A2 Rock'n'Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life 4:22
A3 Sweet Little Sixteen 2:20
A4 Sensible 3:10
  Rock'n'Roll-Medley 5:31
A5.1 Be-Bop-A-Lula  
A5.2 Heartbreak Hotel  
A5.3 Rock Around The Clock  
A5.4 Blue Suede Shoes  
A5.5 Let's Twist Again  
A5.6 Tutti Frutti  
B1 Leroy Brown 2:50
B2 You Don't Bring Me Flowers 3:15
B3 Fighting And Fussing 2:50
B4 B.A.M. 2:50
B5 Wounded Knee In 73 2:45
  Beatles Medley 4:55
B6.1 Hard Day's Night  
B6.2 Yesterday  
B6.3 Can't Buy Me Love  
B6.4 Michelle  
B6.5 Yellow Submarine