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LP Billy Joel ‎– Glass Houses

ALBUM (Holland, 1980, Pop Rock, Ballad, Classic Rock) OBAL V HORŠÍM STAVU


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Číslo produktu: LIT-2
label: CBS
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A1 You May Be Right 4:07
A2 Sometimes A Fantasy 3:39
A3 Don't Ask Me Why 2:56
A4 It's Still Rock And Roll To Me 2:55
A5 All For Leyna 4:10
B1 I Don't Want To Be Alone 3:34
B2 Sleeping With The Television On 2:59
B3 C'Etait Toi (You Were The One) 3:45
B4 Close To The Borderline 3:45
B5 Through The Long Night 2:45