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2xLP Josh Virgin ‎– Dust, Static & Plastic

UK, 1999, Cut-up/DJ, Hip Hop, Instrumental


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label: Eye Q
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A1 Everything's Happening (Man)  
A2 Ignite The Dynamite!  
A3 Something Personal  
A4 Black (Man)  
A5 Put The Tape In The Tape Deck (Freestyle)  
B1 The Kingpin  
B2 Words In A Jar (Freestyle)  
B3 Her Dad Doesn't  
B4 I Am Like Kojak  
B5 Do Me A Favour  
C1 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet  
C2 All Time Master  
C3 Somebody Buys It, Maybe Nobody Buys It?  
C4 Delivery (Man)  
D1 Vocal Confetti  
D2 His Face Melted  
D3 Children Of The Damned  
D4 Poderoso  
D5 The Masked (Man)