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2xLP DJ Faust ‎– Man Or Myth?

Album, Mixed, USA, 1998, Breaks, Cut-up/DJ, Turntablism


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Číslo produktu: HTF4-4
label: Bomb Hip-Hop Records
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  Side M
A1 Fragments  
A2 Time To Roll My Sleeves Up  
A3 Takin' It To The Maximum  
A4 I've Got Rhythms  
A5 Time To Get Open  
A6 Broken Joints  
  Side Y
B1 Whatever You Want  
B2 Better Than Before (Rock The Place)  
B3 The Sure Shot  
B4 You Wanna Battle Me  
B5 Back To The Lab  
B6 The Return Of Craze  
  Side T
C1 Fresh  
C2 Bring It Down  
C3 You Are All Alone Here  
C4 Calculations  
C5 Mind Over Matter  
C6 Know What I Mean  
C7 Funky For You  
C8 Don't Hurt Em With The Needle  
C9 Would You Stop Scheming  
  Side H
D1 Rocking With The Best  
D2 You'll Get Murdered  
D3 Neva Gets Nervous  
D4 Detonate  
D5 Are You Ready  
D6 The Scratch, The Bass